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WHi be alone??

White Hat Initiative


Our mission is to embrace the pursuit of excellence, both inside and outside the classroom. It is also important for the men and women, whom we call neighbor, to embrace fiscal stability. The White Hat Initiative allows Cassonade, Inc. to focus soley on student loan debt. We are manifesting a process to take accounts from contractors such as Great Lakes, and Navient, and reduce the loan based on a minimum set of factors. WHi applies to anyone who completed a FASFA form to apprehend a secondary education, regardless of completion. If we are successful with reducing he/she federal student loan debt, then they are enrolled into the Ida D. Lanier Post-Education Plan. Becoming enrolled in this plan allows us to customize a course where we could financially assist you with your payments . The applicant can re-apply for the scholarship, however it cannot be concurrent. 

Curious to know what's the most recent action on student loan debt?

Check out our Blog for the current state of the debt

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