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Simple, Yes. Efficient? We'll soon find out.

We are at the point where, if you’re involved in politics, the mid-term elections are coming up. Why is this important? This election cycle will determine the house and senate for the next two years. The chambers would move on issues that could be either detrimental or beneficial to the US citizens. It’s been almost two years, and Biden’s party is not pleased on how he’s been addressing the issue. More is needed. We’ve seen Women’s rights thrown to the side, and now we’re witnessing people polarize each other because men and women are trying to become educated. As a response, the White House came up with an answer, and here’s what we know about the possible solution so far.

On October 1, 2022, the student loan debt relief application officially opened up. Some people completed the application early. I was one of them, and honestly it was justly simple. The information was basic. But, efficient? I’m not completely sold on it. First, you have to actually look into the specifics of this action. I believe that more could be done to address the debt itself. If you don’t know where to look, you can either look at the following website, , or you could simply check out our last blog post.

We went into the weeds of the REAL actions that would occur if someone completed the application. After taking a pulse of the people, haven’t heard any negative reaction from the application currently available. I did have questions that popped up while completing this application. Why would the Government use something so simple? The one that’s utilized for the State of Maryland had more layers to indicate if you’re a qualifier. I believe it’s because they’re obtaining simple information that would be needed to pull up information for your student loan debt. As a disclaimer, the White Hat Initiative can do that too. We request the same information in order for us to obtain a snapshot of your profile. Why would I participate in a program that does not warrant an actual solution? The White Hat Initiative allows any citizen to obtain different possible ways to not only pay off their debt based on income, but also become applicable to have the payments actually assist the client’s student loan debt amount. Not to toot my own horn, but the principal of the White Hat initiative sounds more solid than what the White House has currently planned. So, simple? Yes. Efficient? We’ll soon find out.

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